Here at Gempare™, we believe that jewellery should be enjoyed and cherished. We value our jewellery for the precious materials which give it form, and for the exquisite craftsmanship that gives it life, but most of all, we treasure it for the memories and symbolism it holds for those who wear it.

From the first steps in your piece's design and creation, to the perfection of that special moment, Gempare™ would like to help you relax and enjoy the journey. Our experts are by your side to offer guidance and let you dream and design with confidence.

We've put together these guides to lend a hand along the way. The world of gemmology and jewellery design is immense and fascinating, but we've broken down the most important information into easily understood pieces. We'll teach you how to choose your perfect diamond and walk you step by step through all of the design options which will personalise your bespoke engagement ring. You can discover the history, science, and folklore behind your favourite gemstones, or simply learn the best way to clean your jewellery.